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Revised 8/24/22

In July, AppDynamics Cloud v22.7.0 was released with key enhancements to a number of agents, Dash Studio, and Account Administration.


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What’s new? This month’s feature enhancements

These release highlights include the newest features and capabilities this month, at a glance. In the grid below, we’ve flagged who within your organization may be most interested or impacted for each enhancement. 

AppDynamics Cloud
Anomaly detection      
Kubernetes event details page      
Restrict data ingestion by tags      
Tag filtering and grouping  
Analytics Agent    
C/C++ SDK Agent    
Java Agent  ✓  
Machine Agent    
Node.js Agent    
Python Agent    
SaaS Controller
Dash Studio  
Account Administration
Create multiple users at a time    


NOTE | Ongoing product enhancements are described in detail in the Release Notes on the documentation portal. You can sort and filter information by release date, version, product, or component right on the Release Notes page.


AppDynamics Cloud Highlights

Revised 8/24/22

Anomaly detection

Now also available within service instances, the anomaly detection algorithm has been updated to calculate baselines, which helps to reduce false alerts, and improved issue detection. View detected anomaly details to understand and assess health. (GA v22.7 Released July, 2022)

Kubernetes event details page

You can now drill down from the Events Summary to an Event Details page including timestamp, event messages, and affected entities. Apply filters to view a specific set of events, like severity, cluster, or time range. (GA v22.7 Released July, 2022)

Restrict  data ingestion from cloud services

Define granular restrictions on what data is ingested in AppDynamics Cloud with tag-based controls. Get only the data you want, with better utilization of AppDynamics licenses and fewer API calls to your cloud provider. (GA v22.7 Released July, 2022)

Tag filtering and grouping

Easily discover and organize data by grouping and filtering with tags. This feature improves troubleshooting efficiency by enabling you to filter group entities and their corresponding MELT data, as well as limiting health rule evaluation scope. (GA v22.7 Released July 28, 2022)

For an overview of what's included in this feature, and how to use it, see Getting started with tags in AppDynamics Cloud.

NOTE | See the complete AppDynamics Cloud Release Notes


Agent Update Highlights

NOTE | See the full 22.7 Release Notes for a complete, ongoing, sortable, and filterable list of Agent enhancements 

Analytics Agent

Updates to various transitive dependency libraries: Apache Groovy, Netty, Apache Fluent, Glassfish  (GA v22.7 Released July 26, 2022)

C/C++ SDK Agent

Users can mark business transactions started with this agent as a background task using the new appd_bt_begin_bg() function. (GA v22.7 Released July 6, 2022)

Database Agent

Support for installing the Database Agent on JDK versions 1.18-15. 
(GA v22.7 Released July 28, 2022)

Java Agent

  • Support for JDK18, MongoDB Reactive Streams Driver 4.2 and 4.3, and Akka HTTP framework support for OpenTelemetry
  • New option to configure the URL segment that the Agent sends to Analytics

(GA v22.7 Released July 29, 2022)

Machine Agent

  • Tested and confirmed support on Windows 2022. See Release Notes for Supported Environments.
  • Jetty-client and jetty-proxy libraries have been upgraded.

(GA v22.7 Released July 26, 2022)

Node.js Agent

  • Support for Cisco Secure Application Vulnerability Reporting, as well as connection retries. See additional details on the Release Notes.
  • LibAgent upgraded to version 22/7/0-2120
  • Support for to resource metadata

(GA v22.6 Released July 26, 2022)

Python Agent

Updated the Jackson Databind library to version 2.13.3 in order to prevent a StackOverflow exception and denial of service from occurring.
(GA v22.7 Released July 19, 2022)


SaaS Controller Enhancement Highlights

Dash Studio

Support was added for a browser application variable.
(GA v22.7.0 Released July 25, 2022)


Account Administration Highlights

Company and License Administrators are now able to create multiple users at one time  (GA v22.7 Released July 10, 2022)

NOTE | To view all technical documentation associated with this month’s releases, please visit Product Announcements, Alerts, and Hot Fixes in our documentation portal

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What else should you know?

Company Admins now have a simpler workflow when assigning University Subscription vouchers to pending users 

This month, the AppDynamics University team has released a new enhancement to self-service voucher management tools in the Account Management Portal. Company Admins can now assign a University Subscription voucher to users who have not yet activated their AppDynamics account, and are still in a “Pending” status in the Portal. Read the details here.


Updated Privacy Data Sheets for AppDynamics Cloud

Our new Privacy Data Sheet for the AppDynamics Cloud product, is available on the Cisco Trust Portal. Customers can use it to help understand Personal Data usage of Personal Data in association with AppDynamics Cloud.

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Resolved and known issues

You can see a complete listing of this month’s Agent and Controller Resolved Issues, as well as additional detail around known issues in the Release Notes

Get Started

PLEASE NOTE | Customers are advised to check backward compatibility in the Agent and Controller Compatibility documentation


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