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What AppDynamics enhancements are new this month? January 2023

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In January 2023, the AppDynamics SaaS Controller v23.1.0 was released with an Alert & Respond and a Business Risk Algorithm enhancement for Cisco Secure Application.  

AppDynamics Cloud v23.1 was released on January 30, 2023, and includes a large number of logging enhancements for application troubleshooting, as well as enhancements for Kubernetes and database monitoring troubleshooting, and more!  

AppDynamics On-Premises v23.1 was released on January 30, 2023, and includes a number of component enhancements and minor fixes to the Enterprise Controller. 


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What release highlights should I know about?

What’s new? The following release highlights include the newest features and capabilities for January 2023. Check out the table below to see who in your organization may be most interested in or impacted by each highlighted enhancement.

AppDynamics Cloud
Host monitoring  
Log pattern ranking
Root cause analysis using Anomaly Detection
Database monitoring
Workload efficiency and risk profile
Grafana plugin  
Analytics Agent    
Cluster Agent (Controller v22.12.2)  
iOS Agent
Java Agent
Machine Agent    
.NET Agent
SaaS Controller - for Cisco Secure Application
Alert and Respond
Business risk algorithm  
AppDynamics On-premises
Enterprise Console v23.1.0  
Enterprise Console v21.4.21  

NOTE | Product enhancements are described in detail, and on an ongoing basis, on the respective documentation portal pages:
AppDynamics Cloud Release Notes, January 2023
AppDynamics (CSaaS) Release Notes, January 2023
AppDynamics Accounts Portal Release Notes (ongoing)

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AppDynamics Cloud highlights

NOTE | See the complete AppDynamics Cloud Release Notes for January 2023 in our documentation portal.

Monitor hosts in your private environment Monitor the health and performance of your AWS and Azure hosts in your private environment. See the Host Monitoring documentation for more details. (GA v23.1 Released January 30, 2023) 

Application trouble-shooting with logs You can now search, filter, and group similar log messages based on similarities. Refer to the Troubleshoot with Logs documentation for details.
(GA v23.1 Released January 30, 2023)

Root Cause Analysis using Anomaly Detection Detect anomalies in business transactions by using the Anomaly Detection algorithm by applying filters using tags and attributes and selecting the sensitivity level. For more details, visit the Configure Anomaly Detection and Determine the Root Cause of an Anomaly documentation. (GA v23.1 Released January 30, 2023) 

Database monitoring This new database monitoring feature for AppDynamics Cloud provides remediation insights and correlation for on-premises and cloud based databases, with cloud APM and infrastructure. Refer to the Database Monitoring documentation for details. (GA v23.1 Released January 30, 2023)

Increased visibility into Kubernetes workloads Your Kubernetes workload efficiency and risk profiles now show key metrics on a single pane of glass. Refer to the Workload Efficiency and Risk Profile documentation for details. (GA v23.1 Released January 30, 2023) 

Grafana plugin Leverage an industry-leading visualization tool, Grafana, to integrate with AppDynamics Cloud to monitor key metrics on out-of-the-box and fully customizable dashboards. Visit the AppDynamics Cloud with Grafana documentation for details. (GA v23.1 Released January 30, 2023) 

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Agent update highlights

NOTE |See the full 23.1 Release Notes for a complete, ongoing, and sortable list of Agent enhancements 

Analytics Agent

The jackson-databind and snakeYAML libraries have been upgraded. (GA v23.1 Released January 29, 2023) 

Cluster Agent

There was an auto-instrumentation bug fix applied to the 22.10 controller. See Agent Resolved Issues. (GA v22.12.1 Released January 10, 2023) 

iOS Agent

This release includes an improved internal variable for stability. (GA v23.1 Released January 23, 2023) 

Java Agent

Additional support is provided for Apache Tomcat, http4s Blaze Client, Scala, and WebSocket frameworks. See the Java Agent Framework for OpenTelemetry for more details. (GA v23.1 Released January 30, 2023) 

Machine Agent

This release includes two sets of Machine Agent Docker images, each with Debian and Alpine images to support non-admin and admin users. See Access Machine Agent Docker Images  

In addition, Apache, JRE, and Jackson Databind third-party libraries have been upgraded. (GA v23.9 Released January 26, 2023)

.NET Agent

Due to the changes with ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET, several fixes were put in place to address Business Transaction naming. (GA v23.9 Released January 24, 2023) 

PLEASE NOTE | .NET 22.12.0 was the last version that will support .NET Core 3.1. See the End of Support Notice.

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SaaS Controller enhancement highlights

SaaS Controller 23.1

There were a couple of big Cisco Secure Application enhancements made to the latest AppDynamics Controller: 

  • You can now configure and receive Actionable Alerts when new vulnerabilities are detected. Via HTTP. See Alerts Using Cisco Secure Application. 
  • The Business Risk algorithm, which now also leverages Cisco Kenna, for business transactions helps identify sensitive data, enabling you to prioritize what to triage, and reducing exposure to the business. See Monitor Business Transactions. 

Refer to the latest 23.1 Release Notes for more details.

SaaS Controler 22.12

A number of improvements were also made to AppDynamics Controller version 22.12. These improvements included upgrades to PDFBox, Apache Tikka, and Jetty, along with adding CSRFFilter for additional security. (GA v22.12.2 Released January 20, 2023)  Refer to the 22.12 Release Notes for more details. 

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AppDynamics On-premises enhancements

NOTESee the full On-premises and AMP Platform Release Announcements for a complete, ongoing, and sortable list of enhancements

There are two Enterprise Console updates.

Enterprise Console 23.1

On-premises Controller v23.1.0 was released providing parity with SaaS Controller version 22.12. It contains a number of enhancements and fixes. (GA v23.1.0-5 Released January 30, 2023)

Enterprise Console 21.4.21

Additionally, a number of resolved issues were put in place for the 21.4.21 release. (GA v21.4.21-24882 Released January 17, 2023) 

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What else should you know?

Upcoming deprecation dates for PHP 7.x and Python 3.6 

  • Support for PHP versions 7.0 to 7.4 is deprecated as of February 10, 2023. We recommend upgrading to PHP 8.1.   
  • Support for Python 3.6 will be deprecated as of March 1, 2023, so please upgrade. 


Community launches Welcome Center

Come check out the new Welcome Center, a space where Community members can get self-service and many-to-many help with the community platform’s features and best practices.  

Read how-to articles in Community 101, or raise or answer questions in Welcome Center discussions. 

TIP | To find the Welcome Center from anywhere in the Community, click Groups on the navigation bar, then select Welcome Center


New University courses released in January

This month, the AppDynamics University team has released the following courses: 

Self-paced courses 

Premium instructor-led courses 

Premium self-paced courses 

NOTE | Instructor-led training and Premium self-paced courses require a Premium University subscription

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Resolved issues

See the complete lists of resolved Issues in AppDynamics Cloud Release Notes and AppDynamics (CSaaS) Release Notes.

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