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In August, the AppDynamics SaaS Controller v22.8.0 was released with two Alert & Respond enhancements, as well as an enhancement for Cisco Secure Application integration.

AppDynamics Cloud v22.8 was released on August 29, 2022.


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What’s new in this month’s feature enhancements?

What’s new? The following release highlights include the newest features and capabilities this month. Check out the table below to see who in your organization may be most interested in or impacted by each highlighted enhancement.

AppDynamics Cloud
Anomaly detection configuration      
Automate cloud connection
Download license usage statements
Entity health visibility
Cisco Secure Application
BT transaction monitoring
Java Agent

Machine Agent  
.NET Agent  
PHP Agent    
SAP Agent
SaaS Controller
Alerts for API Monitoring  
New datagrid in Dash Studio
Account Administration
Download License Usage statements    

NOTE | Product enhancements are described in detail, and on an ongoing basis, on the respective documentation portals
• AppDynamics (CSaaS) Release Notes 
• AppDynamics Cloud Release Notes


AppDynamics Cloud Highlights

Anomaly detection configuration

With the new anomaly detection API, you can control which AD entities should be enabled and their sensitivity level. We’ve added the ability to assign an action (such as a notification) when anomalies are detected. (GA v22.8 Released August, 2022)

Automate cloud connection

This update is our first step towards reducing the management overhead on onboarding multiple AWS accounts by offering an optional step to automate AWS IAM policy and role creation using a CloudFormation template. (GA v22.8 Released August, 2022)

Download license usage statements

From the license detail screen you can now select Usage statements and then chose a period for which to view a statement. (GA v22.8, Released August 3, 2022)

Entity health visibility

We’ve improved the visibility of overall entity health by combining the health status from health rules and anomaly detection. (GA v22.8 Released August, 2022)

NOTE | See the complete AppDynamics Cloud Release Notes in our documentation portal.


Cisco Secure Application

Monitor BT security

You can now monitor security of the business transactions using Cisco Secure Application. This means you can quickly see the risk score and vulnerability severity in a new Business Transaction tab within the Secure Application menu prioritize what is required to triage, mitigate and remediate exposure to the business. (GA 22.8, Released August 1, 2022)


Agent Update Highlights

NOTE | See the full 22.8 Release Notes for a complete, ongoing, sortable, and filterable list of Agent enhancements 

Java Agent

  • Support for RedHat OpenJDK 8
  • Support to Apache Kafka and Oracle WebLogic RMI
  • Option to start or stop the Cisco Secure Application service using a node property

(GA v22.8 Released August 26, 2022)

Machine Agent

Along with a number of bux fixes bundled with the Analytics Agent, the JRE libraries for various operating systems has been updated to 11.0.16 (Zulu 11.58), as well as the jetty-client and jetty-proxy libraries being updated to 9.4.48.v20220622. (GA v22.8 Released August 29, 2022)

.NET Agent


Additional optimization for string concatenation in paths, support for OpenTelemetry Error reporting, as well as fixes and improvements for OpenTelemetry. (GA v22.8 Released August 3, 2022)

PHP Agent

The PHP Agent Java proxy has been updated in this release.
(GA v22.8, Released August 5, 2022)

SAP Agent

  • Datavard Insights is now referenced as SNP CrystalBridge® Monitoring in all SAPGUI screens and documentation.
  • You can now reconstruct all SAP background jobs as dedicated business transactions. 
  • Monitor your SAP Cloud Connector now with SAP Cloud Connector Monitoring for such things as top time consumers, performance data, and health.

 (GA v22.8 Released August 26, 2022)


SaaS Enhancement Highlights

Alerts for API Monitoring

Now, you can create health rules and policies for API monitoring, and policies for Synthetic jobs. Highlight issues in API’s as they occur, or before they occur, and reduce mean time to identification.

Dash Studio Datagrid widget

There is a new Datagrid widget that can be used in AppDynamics Data Query Language queries. Please refer to Data Binding for more info. 


Account Administration Highlights

Download license usage statements

From the license detail screen, you can now select Usage statements and then chose a period for which to view a statement. (GA v22.8 Released August 5, 2022)

NOTE | To view all technical documentation associated with this month’s releases, please visit Product Announcements and Alerts Home in our documentation portal

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What else should you know?

Simplified University Subscription voucher assignment workflow

This month, the AppDynamics University team has released a new enhancement to self-service voucher management tools in the Account Management Portal. Company Admins can now assign a University Subscription voucher to users who have not yet activated their AppDynamics account, and are still in a “Pending” status in the Portal. Read the details here.


Changes on the AppDynamics Documentation Portal

AppDynamics’ Documentation site has a new portal where you can view and access the documentation by product line, such as the AppDynamics APM platform and AppDynamics Cloud. The aim is to simplify access to the information that’s most relevant to you.

Stay tuned as the site continues to evolve.

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Resolved issues

New! Now, you can sort the complete Release Notes in AppDynamics documentation by any heading, including product, severity, version information, and release date. They are updated on an ongoing basis.

The following key issue was resolved this month. 

ANALYTICS-14398 Resolved: Switching between milestones on the Milestones detail page caused a loss of data. (Affected v22.5.0)


PLEASE NOTE | Customers are advised to check backward compatibility in the Agent and Controller Compatibility documentation


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