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Preparing for the Scopes Configuration Model migration

What do I need to know about migrating to  the Scopes-based transaction configuration model?


Table of Contents


How long will the migration take?

How can I minimize disruption during the migration?



Prior to v4.3, customers used the legacy transaction model to configure Business Transaction (BT) entry points for each application. In v4.3, we introduced the Scope model to make it easier to do this at scale, and made it the default way to configure all new applications.


While any application created after v4.3 automatically uses the Scope model, those created prior to v4.3 are still using the legacy model unless you manually change the config to the Scope model.


As part of the Flex2HTML effort, we are deprecating the legacy transaction configuration model and UI in the 4.5.11 Controller release. This removes a large security issue in our product and addresses the concerns of many customers. In its place, we will be rolling all users to our existing Scopes-based transaction configuration model, which has been available since v4.3 and is the default configuration model for all applications created in v4.3 and later.


How long will the migration take?

Every application on the legacy transaction configuration will be automatically migrated to the Scopes-based transaction configuration. Applications already on the Scopes-based transaction configuration model are not impacted.


During migration, the Transaction Configuration page will be inaccessible. The migration requires at least 4 hours to run, followed by an additional 2.7 seconds per application. Therefore, AppDynamics estimates that the migration will take approximately 5 hours to complete for most Controllers. If your Controller has more than 10,000 applications in hierarchical-based configuration, the migration could take up to 13 hours to complete.


How can I minimize disruption during the migration?

You can minimize disruption by proactively upgrading your applications to the Scopes-based configuration via the Scopes API.

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