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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Many users ask for hardware and software recommendations for the Controller host in order to set up and deploy AppDynamics. The following information is specific to versions 4.4 and higher. 


Please keep in mind that every deployment is unique and that your specific configuration can affect the resources available to your individual scenario. Always test the performance of your system in a staging environment before deploying live.


  1. Install Controller version 4.4 using the Enterprise Console.
  2. Verify the Controller sizing using the metric upload rate. 
  3. Continue to monitor the Controller for changing workload brought about by changes in the monitored application, usage patterns, or in the AppDynamics configuration.


Controller Sizing Requirements


Using the following documentation link, find your performance profile for your minimum hardware requirements.


Documentation: Controller Sizing


Disk I/O Requirements

One of the most critical factors in a machine's ability to support the performance requirements of a Controller is the machine's disk I/O performance. There are many storage configuration options with different latency characteristics. 


Read more here: Disk I/O Requirements


File System and Storage


Large Controller profiles require additional tuning adjustments including storage recommendations. 


For guidelines, view the documentation on File System and RAID Recommendations as well as the Community Knowledge Base articles on RAID configuration.


Using a Virtual Machine


Find recommendations for running AppDynamics on a VM: How to run AppDynamics on a Virtual Machine


Using an AWS Environment


Find recommendations for running the Controller on AWS using Aurora Database: AWS Deployment Controller Guide 


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Join the discussion on the Controller (SaaS, On Premise) board.

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