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How do I determine optimal sizing for my on-prem EUM Server?

This guide provides context to EUM data and recommendations for sizing your on-premises EUM Server for different levels of network traffic (metrics per minute).

After understanding the EUM basic concepts, review the recommended sizing below for your on-premises deployment.


Table of Contents


EUM Basic Concepts

To deploy EUM successfully, you should understand Beacons and Resource Timing Snapshots. Learn more about them in the Understanding EUM and Events Service Concepts article. 


EUM Server Sizing Recommendations

The following tables recommend T-shirt sizing (S, M, L) for your on-prem EUM Server based on synthetic load testing. Once you have estimated your EUM traffic profile, you can use these maximum load measurement results to establish which T-shirt size is appropriate for your deployment.

If your EUM traffic profile exceeds the maximum traffic given in the tables, see the Extra Large Sizing Recommendations article.

For simplicity, the sizing recommendations for Browser RUM and Synthetic Monitoring are grouped together. If you are using the EUM Server with the Events Service, see Analytics On-Prem Configuration Recipe Book.


Browser RUM 

The sizing suggestions in the table below are based on one web beacon consisting of the following:

  • 1 base page
  • 7 Ajax requests
  • 100 resources


EUM Sizing for Browser RUM

License type
Identifying string
in index name
Event type:
Upsert or Publish
Maximum Events
per license, per day
Disc usage:
GB per license / day
Transaction Analytics biz_txn_v1 upsert 1,000,000 events

AVG 1.36
STDEV 0.524
MAX 2.32

Log Analytics log_v1 publish 5GB

AVG 17.2*

Browser Analytics browserrecord publish 2,500,000 events

AVG 3.59
STDEV 1.42
MAX 8.46

Browser Analytics sessionrecord upsert 2,500,000 events AVG 3.52
STDEV 1.29
MAX 9.01
Mobile Analytics mobilesnapshot publish 2,500,000 events

AVG 3.25
STDEV 1.29
MAX 5.34

Mobile Analytics mobilesession


2,500,000 events

AVG 2.70
STDEV 0.80
MAX 5.45

Mobile crash report mobilecrashreport publish 1,000,000 events 

AVG 3.68
STDEV 4.29
MAX 16.64


Mobile RUM 

The sizing suggestions in the “EUM Sizing for Mobile RUM” table are based on network traffic for iOS and Android applications sending one beacon consisting of the percentage of the data types listed below. 


Data Types

% of Beacon

Network Request 80%
UI Interaction Capture 10%
Screenshots 1%
Touchpoints 1%
Breadcrumbs 4%
ANRs 1%
Code Errors 1%
Crash Reports 0.02%
Custom Timers 0.01%
Custom Metrics 0.03%
System Events 0.04%
Method Calls 1.9%

EUM Sizing for Mobile RUM

EUM Size

Maximum Traffic
(Metrics per Minute) 


Network Bandwidth

Java Heap Size


90k <
with 5 crashes

- CPU: 4 CPU
- RAM: 16 GB
- Hard drive: 300 GB
- EC2 Instance Type:

750 Mbps
11 GB
Events 70k
Sessions 40k
Beacons 90-130k

- CPU: 8 CPU
- RAM: 32 GB
- Hard drive: 300 GB
- EC2 Instance Type: 

1000 Mbps

30 GB

Events 70-110k
Sessions 40-61k
Beacons 130-550k

- CPU: 16 CPU
- RAM: 64 GB
- Hard drive: 300 GB
- EC2 Instance Type:

2000 Mbps

50 GB
Events 110k-3.5M
Sessions 61-118k


IoT Monitoring

The sizing suggestions below are based on network traffic for IoT applications sending beacons for the following events:

  • Network requests
  • Custom events
  • Error events


EUM Sizing for IoT Monitoring


Maximum Traffic
(Metrics per Minute) 



Heap Size

Beacons 110k <

- CPU: 8 CPU
- RAM: 32 GB
- Hard drive: 300 GB

759 Mbps
10 GB
Events 500k
Beacons 110-300k

- CPU: 8 CPU
- RAM: 32 GB
- Hard drive: 300 GB

1000 Mbps

22 GB

Events 500-600k
Beacons 300-600k

- CPU: 16 CPU
- RAM: 64 GB
- Hard drive: 300 GB

2000 Mbps

50 GB

Events 600k-1M




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