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My Java Agent in Windows is getting an "unable to identify hostname" error. Why?

What is causing an"unable to identify hostname" error during Java Agent installation?


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Java Agent installation is not working for Windows. Telnet connects with the Controller, but gives an "unable to identify hostname" error


Diagnosis and Troubleshooting

  1. Confirm that you set <controller-host> in '<agent_home>/verx.x.x.x.x/conf/controller-info.xml'.

  2. Also set the property such as <application-name>, <tier-name> and <node-name> which is described as "Required:Yes" in the Agent Controller Communication Properties documentation.

  3. If you use a proxy, please set the information in your system property as shown in Java Agent Configuration Properties, Proxy Properties for the Controller documentation.

  4. Share the result of the command "nslookup <YOUR HOST NAME HERE>" in order to confirm that name resolution is working correctly.


    Server: UnKnown

    Addresses: xx.xx.xx.x



Still having a problem?

If the issue persists, copy a few lines of the log file showing errors and contact AppDynamics Support.


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