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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

The Controller has various metric processing qualifiers with regard to aggregation, time roll-up, and cluster roll-up, for processing a metric. These qualifiers are configured for each metric that an extension reports. Please refer to the Build a monitoring extension using Java documentation for details on various metrics processing qualifiers supported by the Controller.


Your extension can have metric configurations in either the config file or the metric file.




When my metric configurations are provided in the config.yml file

Sometimes you will see that an extension has metric configurations in the config.yml file. 


Sample configuration for metric configuration in the config file:



- name: “numTasks”
  alias: “Num Tasks” #Number of tasks in the application
  multiplier: “1"
  aggregationType: “AVERAGE”
  timeRollUpType: “AVERAGE”
  clusterRollUpType: “INDIVIDUAL”
  delta: “false”




You can modify any of the metric processing qualifiers to one of the supported values of its category and metrics will follow the same aggregation and roll-up strategy on the Controller. For additional details on the metric processing qualifiers supported by the Controller, refer to Metric Processing Qualifier in the Extensions and Custom Metrics section of the documentation.

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When my metric configurations are provided in the metrics.xml file

Some of the extensions support the processing of metrics from the metrics.xml file. 


Sample configuration in metrics.xml file:



<metric attr="Received" alias="Received" aggregationType = "AVERAGE" timeRollUpType = "AVERAGE" clusterRollUpType = "INDIVIDUAL"/>




In the metrics.xml file, you can modify any of these aggregation or roll-up parameters to supported value, and the same will be followed on the Controller.


When there are no configured qualifiers for metrics in the extension

In some cases, you may see that there are no qualifiers configured for metrics in the extension. 


In such a case, default values are assigned to these qualifiers: 


Assigned Default Value







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