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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

As of October 30, 2020, AppDynamics is offering an India SaaS option with data residency located in Mumbai, India. This service is equivalent to the current SaaS offering based in the USA, UK, and Sydney.


We will be using regional-based cloud services, leveraging AWS as it allows for better flexibility and scalability.


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Why did you launch an Indian SaaS offering?

We wanted to give Asia-based SaaS customers with data residency requirements the benefits of scalability.

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Where does Indian SaaS data reside?

Primary data resides in the AWS Mumbai region. EUM, Synthetic Agent, and Analytics hosting locations are documented in the SaaS Domains and IP Ranges documentation.

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What if an Indian customer needs to maintain data residency in India only?

By default, the India SaaS includes Multi-Availability Zone redundancy in addition to cross-region data residency in India.


<h2?What are the eligibility requirements for the India SaaS offering?

All new Asia-based customers are eligible for our India SaaS.

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Will all customers in India be provisioned in the India SaaS environment? 

Yes, all new India-based SaaS customers will be provisioned in Indian SaaS on AWS in Mumbai, India.

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I’m a prospective customer. Can I run my POV on the India SaaS platform?

Yes, you can request a POV on the India SaaS platform. Please reach out to your account team to learn more. 

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What AppDynamics products are available on India SaaS? 

All products version 20.6.0 or lower are available in Indian SaaS. As newer versions are GA, they will become available on India SaaS as well.

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Does the solution offer at-rest encryption?

Yes, our SaaS Platform includes data-at-rest encryption since it is required for security and data privacy. 

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As an existing customer, how do I learn about transitioning from my on-premises instance to Indian SaaS?

Contact your Account Manager for details on starting the process.

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I am interested in AppDynamics and would like to evaluate Indian SaaS. How can I find out more?

Contact us at either or

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