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How to track asynchronous Java Agent calls using a java.util.concurrent.Future package

Users with applications using a java.util.concurrent.Future package while making asynchronous calls can track their async call activity as follows:


  1. Open the Application Agent config file located at <agent-install-dir>\ver4.x.x.x\conf\app-agent-config.xml.
  2. Navigate to the <fork-config> section.
  3. Add the following to the end of the fork config section: 
<match-class type="implements-interface"><name filter-type="EQUALS" filter-value="java.util.concurrent.FutureTask"/></match-class>
<match-method><name filter-type="EQUALS" filter-value="run"/></match-method>
<name-config operation="" type="4"/>


    4. Save changes and restart the JVM.



Note: Certain resource-intensive AppDynamics features, such as asynchronous transaction tracking, can increase resource consumption. AppDynamics recommends that you monitor the memory consumption of your application to ensure that there are sufficient resources allocated to it.  

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