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How to customize service endpoints

Service Endpoint Limits:


  1. For each App Agent, there is a limit of 25 service endpoints per entry point type and a total of 50 service endpoints per Agent. These limits are controlled by the "max-service-end-points-per-entry-point-type" and "max-service-end-points-per-agent" node properties.
  2. Nodes are limited to 100 service endpoints, controlled by the "max-service-end-points-per-node" property.
  3. For a SaaS Controller, the limit is 4000 service endpoints. For an on-premise Controller, the limit is configurable using the "sep.ADD.registration.limit" configuration property accessible in the Administration Console.
  4. Each thread of transaction execution can only have only one service endpoint, controlled by the "max-service-end-points-per-thread" property.


Grouping Service Endpoints:


Similar to how business transactions can be grouped, service endpoints can be grouped by identifying a pattern and configuring a custom rule.




With the above example, the user can create a custom servlet service endpoint using the name AegonApp, with a rule that states that any new URL that begins with /aegon_app will become part of the new service endpoint AegonApp. See the documentation on Customize Service Endpoints for more information.



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