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AppDynamics Team

Users trying to view a breakdown of the API timing for each resource within a browser snapshot may see the following error and be unable to view information on cross-origin resource domains:

Cross Origin ResourceCross Origin Resource


The solution for this issue is to allow timing information to be collected from your CDN or other domain.  Add the Timing-Allow-Origin header to all requests served by the CDN in your app code.


The value of the header can either be * (allow timing from requests from any domain) or a list of domains within quotations with spaces separating each one.



"Timing-Allow-Origin" "*" 
"Timing-Allow-Origin" ""


After the header has been added to the app code, users should be able to see the breakdown of the timing information within a browser snapshot. 



Cross domain Resource Breakdown Timing InfoCross domain Resource Breakdown Timing Info

If the problem persists, capture a HAR file and verify if the header is seen in the response. If not, the header may be stripped off by a proxy or other hardware.



Header set for Adrum.js resource



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