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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Detect JDBC Databases


Sometimes you can use one or more of the JDBC Agent node properties to get visibility for JDBC servers that are not discovered automatically by AppDynamics App Agents.  


If there's a JDBC driver for the database we can often apply our standard instrumentation. This involves getting the driver JAR and decompiling it to get the classes that implement the relevant interfaces. You can apply the instrumentation for Connection, Statement, CallableStatement, and PreparedStatement interfaces using the following node properties through the Controller UI:



Enable SQL Capture


You can also use these properties to enable SQL capture for any JDBC-compliant data source that is not instrumented by default.


For example, for SQLite the values are:


jdbc-statements: value="org.sqlite.Stmt"
jdbc-connections: value="org.sqlite.SQLiteConnection"

jdbc-prepared-statements: value="org.sqlite.PrepStmt"


Set the Node Property Values

Access the Node Dashboard to edit the value of these properties. Use these steps: Edit Registered Node Property.


Tip: Separate multiple class names using a ',' (comma) as a separator in the agent node properties configuration.


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