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AppDynamics Team

You may encounter license-related notifications due to license limits on your Controller, account, or license rules. The instructions below guide you through how to resolve these specific notifications:

  • Agent License Request Denied. | Reason: Limit on Controller
  • Agent License Request Denied. | Reason: Limit on Account
  • Agent License Request Denied. | Reason: Limit on LicenseRule


To learn about what each notification means, first read: Why am I seeing license limit notifications?




Instructions applicable to all three notifications

If you encounter any of these notifications, you might want to increase, switch, or move licenses between Controller / accounts / license rules following the steps below.


  1. Switch Licenses:
    1. On-premise Controllers:
      1. Account license switch: Check http://<controllerHost>:<Port>/controller/admin.jspAccounts Settings tab
      2. Controller license switch: Contact / support with the following information:
        1. From Controller MAC ID | To Controller MAC ID | AgentType | Units
          1. Please note that submitting this information in a table format is helpful,
        2. Attach your existing license.lic files, as well. 
    2. SAAS Controllers:
      1. Contact / support with the following information:
        1. From accountName | To accountName | AgentType | Units
  2. Release licenses:
    1. You can move applications and servers out of scope using license rules. If you already had agents reporting to this license rule, please remember that a license is given on a first come basis. It may be better for you to turn off the undesirable agents.
    2. Set license allocations to 0 or reduce the number of units under some license rules to make them available for others. Please remember that a license is given on a first come basis. It may be better for you to turn off the undesirable agents.
    3. Uninstall existing agents by taking them completely down so they can’t connect to the Controller. Please remember that disabled agents still consume licenses.
    4. If you don’t have any more units, you might want to procure new licenses by contacting your AppDynamics Account Manager or our Sales team at
  1. Admins should notify their users or respective app owners about the limits.


Additional instructions specific to “Reason: Limit on LicenseRule”

This notification indicates that licenses are maxed out on the license rule level. An account can have multiple license rules, each of which has assigned license units. Every license rule has a different AccessKey through which agents connect. You could be getting this notification because:


  1. You may not have allocated enough units to the particular license rule seen in the notification, even if you have enough license units at Account/Controller level.
  2. Someone accidently changed allocations to lower values.
  3. You may have procured new license units.
  4. You are actually hitting the limits and all units are being consumed. There are no units in the Unallocated buffer because all the licenses your company bought are already divided amongst the other license rules. If there are still licenses in your Unallocated Units, you can reach out to your Account Admin to increase your allocation.


The screenshot below demonstrates all four of these scenarios.

License Unit Allocations.png



  1. Go to Settings →  Licenses → Rules and select the name of the license rule listed in the notification. Click Edit and change allocations if you see more units under the Unallocated Unites column.
  2. Swap units between license rules.
    1. Using the screenshot above as an example, let’s say you have 36 APM licenses on the Default Rule, but only 10 are used. However, all 36 licenses on LicenseRule1 have been consumed. You could move 20 from the Default Rule to LicenseRule1 temporarily.
  3. If you are actually hitting the limits and all units are being consumed, the two steps above will not work. Instead, follow Steps 1, 2, and 3 under the Instructions applicable to all three notifications section of this article.


Last Updated: 3/5/19


We have free licences. What means this error and how can I fix it?

Agent license request denied. Agent type: Java; Host: ... License Rule: Default; Reason: Not licensed for controller

AppDynamics Team


It means the you do not have licenses on the controller.

If this is onPrem license,

1. Please make sure you have correct license.lic file deployed.
2. Confirm the macID + units by checking the license.lic file in a text editor. Mac ID should match to that of the host machine where license.lic file is deployed.

3. If its multi-tenant controller, you have to add units, set expirations manually.

For both onPrem and SAAS-
4. If you have license rules, units must be set manually.

5. If you have notifications on the UI, please check the detailed message and refer to the article on what it can be.
More details:

6. OnPrem only- If everything looks good, try touch license.lic command for linux or redeploy for windows machine.

- This should likely resolve your problem.

- Make sure that the touch command is run by the user running the appserver process.

For any further issues, please contact our support team under with instructions mentioned on this post. Screenshots, logs, license.lic file as attachment would be helpful.


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