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AppDynamics Team

In AppDynamics version 4.3, users saw the following warning messages appearing many times in the Controller server logs:


2017-08-24T10:20:48.026+0200|WARNING|glassfish 4.1||_ThreadID=1422;_ThreadName=http-listener-1(233);_TimeMillis=1503562848026;_LevelValue=900;|UiMetricDataCacheManagerImpl: UiCacheMaximumCountOfOneMinuteRecurringTasks limit is hit.|#]

[#|2017-08-24T10:20:48.030+0200|WARNING|glassfish 4.1||_ThreadID=1420;_ThreadName=http-listener-1(231);_TimeMillis=1503562848030;_LevelValue=900;|UiMetricDataCacheManagerImpl: UiCacheMaximumCountOfOneMinuteRecurringTasks limit is hit.|#]


To avoid filling the logs with this error message, set the logger level to SEVERE in the glassfish logger settings.


  1. Open the Glassfish UI in a browser using default port 4848.
    • http://localhost:4848/
  2. Open the logger settings and add the following logger property set to SEVERE.
  3. Save the new setting.


Note: This issue has been fixed in version 4.4.




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