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AppDynamics Team

Why would Machine Agent on Solaris not allow me to set a locale?



When installing the Machine Agent on Solaris, you can only set the locale if a number of prerequisites are met. Locale includes regional settings such as time zone, language, currency, and others.



To avoid problems with your Machine Agent installation on Solaris, pre-installation planning may be critical. In particular:

  • Machine Agent on Solaris is only supported when the installation is done in Global zones. Be certain that the server you intend to use is installed with Global zones. 
  • Verify that the Solaris host has the nawk (new awk) utility installed—a requirement of the Solaris Agent.

We also recommend reviewing the installation notes in Install the Machine Agent.


Resource Summary

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Community Manager

In the past, you may have seen the term "Standalone Machine Agent" which we've recently changed to simply "Machine Agent".

Just wanted you to know that both terms mean the same thing.


Claudia Landviar

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