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How do I get the object I need from a list?

How do I use the getter method and a data collector to return objects from a list?


To get an object from a list, you will add the getter method that returns the evaluated value, then add the data collector to that method. 


Table of Contents


Steps for getting the object from the list

Please review the following steps as well as the reference (For example, it is assumed that getActionType and getResultMessage are implemented.)


  1. On your SaaS Controller web page, navigate to Configuration > Instrumentation.

  2. Click the Data Collector tab. Below the Method Invocation Data Collectors panel, click the Add button.

  3. Input the following fields:
        Name: MyDataCollector
        Class: with a class name that equals MyApplication.mynamespace.myclass
        Method Name: Mymethod
        Match Conditions:
            Collect Data From: Method Parameter @index:0
            Operation on Method Parameter: Use Getter Chain: getActionType()
            Equals: Settle

    and click the Save button.


  1. Below the Specify the Data to Collect from this Method invocation panel, click the Add button.

  2. Input the following fields:
        Display Name: MyDataCollector
        Collect Data From : Method Parameter @index:0
        Operation on Method Parameter: Use Getter Chain: getResultMessage()

    and click the Save button.


  1. For the changes to take effect, wait for a full minute, then restart.


Additional Resources

Data Collectors 

Using Getter Chains

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