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AppDynamics Team

Users can retrieve the EUM Browser page views, EUM Mobile usage, and Synth usage by utilizing the licensing API.


curl -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/vnd.appd.eum.license.terms+json;v=2.0" --user "<EUM_Account_Name>:<EUM_License_Key>" "<EUM_URL_BASE>/v2/account/<EUM_Account_Name>/license" 


On-Premise example:


curl -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/vnd.appd.eum.license.terms+json;v=2.0" --user "AppDynamics-a0Q3400000Dg:xyzxyzxyzxyzxyzxyz" "https://eum:7002/v2/account/AppDynamics-a0Q3400000Dg/license"


Returns a usage output similar to the following:


    "state": {
        "allocatedMobileAgents": 50000,
        "allocatedSyntheticTime": 80000000,
        "consumedMobileAgents": 1,
        "consumedSyntheticTime": 2604680,
        "mobileCurrentUsagePeriodEndMillis": 1512158400000,
        "mobileCurrentUsagePeriodStartMillis": 1509562800000,
        "syntheticCurrentUsagePeriodEndMillis": 1512158400000,
        "syntheticCurrentUsagePeriodStartMillis": 1509559200000,
        "syntheticPrivateAgentUnitsAllocated": 200,
        "syntheticPrivateAgentUnitsUtilized": 1,
        "webAllocatedPageViews": 400000000,
        "webConsumedPageViews": 60174,
        "webCurrentUsagePeriodEndMillis": 1515182400000,
        "webCurrentUsagePeriodStartMillis": 1483646400000
    "terms": {
        "expirationDate": 1515139200000,
        "iotLicenseType": "IOT_NONE",
        "mobileAnalyticsLicenseType": "PRO",
        "mobileAnalyticsRetentionDays": 8,
        "mobileLicenseAllowsOverages": false,
        "mobileLicenseType": "MOBILE_PRO",
        "mobileLicenseUnits": 10,
        "mobileTrialExpirationDate": 1515139200000,
        "synthSchedulingEnabled": true,
        "syntheticLicenseType": "PRO",
        "syntheticLicenseUnits": 400,
        "syntheticPrivateAgentLicenseType": "PA_PRO",
        "syntheticPrivateAgentLicenseUnits": 200,
        "syntheticTrialExpirationDate": 1515139200000,
        "webAnalyticsLicenseType": "PRO",
        "webAnalyticsRetentionDays": 8,
        "webLicenseAllowsOverages": false,
        "webLicenseType": "EUM_PRO",
        "webLicenseUnits": 40,
        "webTrialExpirationDate": 1515139200000


SaaS example: 


curl -X GET -H "Content-Type: application/vnd.appd.eum.license.terms+json;v=2.0" --user "EUM_ACCOUNTNAME:EUM_Licensekey" ""


The synth license value displayed in the Controller UI is in terms of STB(Synthetic Time Blocks). Synth Licensing is based on units known as Synthetic Time Blocks (STBs), which are five-second chunks of time. One unit of Synthetic Pro gives you 40,000 STBs per month. For more information: Browser Synthetic Licenses

The License API in the above output displays the result in terms of seconds, so the user needs to divide by 5 to get the results in STB.


Modify start and end time in the above API:


If a user needs to check the usage period for past 1 hour or between a specific time ranges, use the timeRange query parameters.


1-hour example:


Custom time range example:


Between 3 PM IST to 5 PM IST

Note: 1516015800918 is in Epoch time

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