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How do I execute the transaction (tcode) in SAPGUI?

The SAPGUI client is available for MS Windows OS (written in C++/C#) and for MacOS (written in Java). The Windows version is preferred because of its stability, performance and better Office integration.


In the SAPGUI window, look for “Command Bar” the field. This is where you will type in the required tcode prefixed by /n if you want to reuse the existing SAPGUI window or /o to open a new window.


Command Bar.png



In this example, you want to execute the /DVD/MON transaction.

  • If you want to reuse the SAPGUI window, type in /n/DVD/MON and hit Enter.
  • If you want to open a new SAPGUI window, type in /o/DVD/MON and hit Enter.



When working with SAP transactions, you have two options for troubleshooting that do not require us having direct access to your system or SAP Service Backbone:

  1. You can provide Support with supervised remote access, for example, WebEx, based on your organization’s security policies (preferred).
  2. If you are experienced in running transactions from within SAPGUI, you can work with Support to execute the transaction and share the results.
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