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Thread dump download process and sample policy


This article outlines the steps for downloading a thread dump, and offers an example of how one might configure a Health Rule Policy that would trigger a thread dump.


Table of Contents


How do I download a thread dump?

To see how to take a thread dump, refer to the Thread Dump Actions section of the Diagnostic Actions documentation.

To download a thread dump, follow these steps:


  1. On the Applications Dashboard, click the Events tab and check to see whether any Health Rule violation events triggered, generating a thread dump. AppDashboard_CodeDeadlock_Actions.png

  2. If there are any thread dumps, click on an individual Code Deadlock event. That event’s Code Deadlock window will open.

  3. Click the onscreen Action Executed link that corresponds to the Code Deadlock. The Actions Executed tab will open.
    Actions Executed link.png

  4.  Click the Thread Dump Ended link. The Thread Dump Ended window will open.
    Thread Dump Ended link.png

  5. Click the Download Thread Dump button.
    Thread Dump Download Button.png

What is an example of how to create a policy to generate a thread dump?

You can create an AppDynamics health policy that will trigger thread dump generation. The following example shows how configure a policy that generates a thread dump when an application encounters a deadlock issue.


  1. From the menu on the left, click Alert & Respond –> Policies –> Create Policy.
    1. Name the policy (In the example below, “Name: Code Deadlock - Health Rule Violation”).
    2. Expand Health Rule Violation Events, then expand Code Problems and select the Code Deadlock option. Click the Save button.
      Create Policy.png

  2. Back under the Actions tab, click Create Action. The Create Action  box will open.

  3. Under the Diagnostics subheading, select  the Take a thread dump radio button, then click OK.
    Create Action.png

  4. You will see your new policy listed. Click to open.
    New Policy to Save.png

  5. Review and click Save.

Additional Resources

To see how to take a thread dump, refer to the Thread Dump Actions section of the Diagnostic Actions documentation. 


See also the Configure Policies documentation.

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