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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Some users may have multiple on-premise Controllers running on standby in order to limit downtime. These users may wish to use a load balancer, which decides how traffic should be channeled and protects each server from the risk of being overloaded. 


Users with security concerns who wish to filter outgoing traffic to safe sources may wish to use a proxy or a firewall as a gateway to allow only certain traffic through. 


This document aims to answer some of the most common questions received by the AppDynamics Support Team in regards to firewalls, proxies, and load balancers.




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Q. I am unable to enable End-User Monitoring from an on-premise Controller. The error message says it didn't receive a response from <server>


A. The most common reason for this is due to a firewall in place between the Controller and the EUM Cloud. If you intend to use EUM in SaaS, open port 443 to allow the on-premise Controller to communicate with the EUM Cloud. For more information, including how to configure proxy settings for the Controller, review the documentation on Connection Problems.



Q. How do I set up a Controller behind a reverse proxy?


A. Follow these instructions when deploying an AppDynamics Controller behind a NGINX or Apache reverse proxy.



Q. What are the port settings for on-premise deployments behind a network firewall or load balancer?


A. SaaS users only need to adjust their infrastructure to accommodate the HTTPS port provided to you by AppDynamics. On-premise users may need to make additional adjustments outlined here: Port Settings.



Q. What are the IP addresses for a specific SaaS Controller? I'd like to monitor outgoing traffic from my application's environment to the AppDynamics SaaS Controller.


A. Find the SaaS IP ranges listed here.



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