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AppDynamics Team

After Java Agent installation, there is an “unable to identify hostname” error and the Controller can’t connect to Windows


When installing Java Agent for Windows, there is an "unable to identify hostname"

Error when telnet is checked to Controller connection.



To troubleshoot the issue, start by reviewing the following:

  1. Can your DNS resolve the SaaS Controller host name? To confirm this, review the result of command: "nslookup <YOUR HOST NAME HERE>".
    Server: UnKnown
    Addresses: xx.xx.xx.x


    If the hostname successfully resolves, continue to step 2 of the diagnostics.


  2. Is your <controller-host> set in <agent_home>/verx.x.x.x.x/conf/controller-info.xml?

    Be sure you have also set the property such as
    <application-name>, <tier-name> and <node-name>, to "Required:Yes" as described in the Java Agent Configuration Properties, Agent-Controller Communication Properties

  3. Do you use a proxy? If so, be sure to set the information in your system property as described in the Java Agent Configuration section of the Java Agent Configuration Properties documentation.


Still experiencing a problem? Open a Support ticket where you’ll share the Agent log files—particularly the lines that show errors.

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