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AppDynamics Team

When you run the EUM Server Installer, the HTTP port of the EUM Server is set up for you, but the HTTPS port is not.


After the installation is complete, follow the instructions below to configure the HTTPS port for the EUM Server and update the Controller settings for the EUM Server URL and port:

  1. Set Up a Custom Keystore for Production,
  2. From the machine where your EUM Server is installed, open the file $APPDYNAMICS_HOME/EUM/eum-processor/bin/ in a text editor.
  3. Add the following line to $APPDYNAMICS_HOME/EUM/eum-processor/bin/, replacing <PORT> with the port you want the EUM server to listen to.
  4. Restart the EUM Server.
  5. Confirm that the EUM Server is listening to the configured HTTPS port: 
    curl https://<YOUR-DOMAIN>:<PORT>/eumcollector/ping
  6. From the Controller Admin UI, change the port for so that it is the same as the one assigned to processorServer.httpsPort. This allows the beacon to communicate with the collector. 


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