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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Users with hundreds of EMS queues in the EMS Server instance may wish to group their metrics using regular expression into one node or graph for analysis. 


It is not possible to group metrics in the custom dashboard, given that the tier/app level metrics for indivual EMS queues at node level is not available.


As a workaround, AppDynamics supports wild card use within the rest API, so a user could manipulate the API response to view custom metric data.


Visit our documentation to see how to use the AppDynamics Rest API, which will describe how to navigate to the metric browser, select "copy rest URL" on one of the target metrics at the same metric folder, and then paste the URL in another browser tab and change common strings in the URL to an * asterisk. This should result in a response of each queue which the user can utilize as a custom metric.



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