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how can i get a realtime map for all these BTs, which are communicating with eachother


i have been using appdynamics  for long time.
But i have one question, which is not answered till date ,for example : if an application have 10 business transactions (urls),
all these BTs have connection with each when i click on UI/Login it hits another BT /home/page but when i see in my appdynamics console for app map.
dashboards or application map, it just show me tier/application(all BTs under in it) role only connected with backends and other tiers/roles.

how can i get a realtime map for all these BTs, which are communicating with eachother.if i will able to achieve it, i can get exact number of calls ,errors,response time between two BT from app map, i do not want to go into snapshots (that gives similar type of data for single call only).
i am able to get it at some extent when applications are micro services , where we have each API/BT is running as a one jvm instance.
Let me know your thoughts , reach out to me if you need more details on my query.







Business Transactions represent the end to end flow through an application architecture.  They are named on entry and end to end timings are collected from each tier as they flow through.


If I understand your question correctly, you are interested in the performance of the individual tiers as services, rather than (or maybe as well as?) the response time of the end to end BT, is that right?


If so, you can use service endpoints to track the response times at a tier level, or (as you pointed out) split the services into separate AppDynamics applications and use cross BT correlation to get timing for each service.


If this does not give you the information you seek, it would be very useful to understand more about what you are trying to achieve; there may be other ways to get what you want.


Warm regards,



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Hi Peter,


Thanks for response.Let me say it in very simple words.

an application in appdynamics having 10 BTs and 5 of them hit each other for user requests.and some of them also hit another application.


my requirement is to get a dashboard for those 5 BTs for response time/call per interval and errors per interval.And it must be a map to represent it where actual connection should be visible.


As of now i am getting a map from BT to app/tier only. Not BT to BT.





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