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IBM MQ monitoring with AppDynamics




Some context first:

- I'm using AD 4.7 right now with Java agent.

- App consists of numerious JVM

- Server side based apps, most JVM is communication with MQ/RMI/RESTFUL API

- When MQ is used, we are using IBM MQ7 over JMS


Accordingly to online docs, AppDyn is capable to monitoring JMS and IBM WebSphere MQ

In my case, should AppDyn detect the backend as JMS services or IBM MQ services?


Plus, I try to enable both, but seems the queue is not pick up by AppDyn.

What is the best way to troubleshoot this auto-detection problem? (expecting a MQ backend detected, but it doesn't happen)



AppDynamics Team



As per the doc it should be discovered out of the box. Could you please comfirm whether the api which is making call to the backend  has been discovered as BT. If the parent api is not registered as BT then you will not be able to see the backend call. 

Also, please attach the zip file of the agent log and the api which is responsible for making the backend call.




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Thanks, the transaction currently is not being recognized as a BT. This is probably the reason for that.


I do initially try to define the transaction as a BT but failed. The transaction is a kind of backend process. Triggered via JMX action, it will do some lookup and drop the backlog of objects into a work queue. The work queue will be served by seperate thread pool. The transaction I'm interested at (and which at the end is sending message via JMS/MQ) is running from the thread pool.


I try to define the transaction either by the interface, superclass, or exact class but nothign works.

I also try to define the configuration on node level or app level, again, nothing works... 


What can I troubleshoot in this case to understand why AD is not able to recogize the transaction?

I am sure the transaction is running at least 10k times on a test environment, I do it a few times already.

I'm wondering if there are some critieria which makes AD discarding the transaction but I don't exactly know where I should be look at. 





Were you able to figure out your problem? I know the post is very old, but running the Live Preview to see what is passing in a Node could be one thing to do in this case, no?