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How to configure appdynamics in AWS ECS-EC2?


We have configured a ECS cluster using EC2, We are developing a java application and planning to deploy the application in ECS task. I would like to get the container metrics, application tracing also ec2 node metrics using APPD.Could you please suggest the correct approach along with best practices.


1. Do you have a sidecar Docker image for the Java agent?
2. What are the special configuration is required to configure sidecar?
3. If you have detailed document about this, please share with us.


Hi @senthilraja.ramamoorthy ,


Here's the link to the blog post where you can find " Best Practices for Instrumenting Containers with AppDynamics Agents"  -


You can find best practices tied to installing agents at runtime using environment variables and sidecar container. Hope, this helps.



Sunil Mutyala