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Business Transaction not getting detected

Hi Team,


I am unable to detect few Business transactions with the custom rule with servlet and HTTP parameter as shown below.


However, the same business transaction is getting detected automatically but not using the custom rule. 
Also, other BTs are getting detected by using the same method.

There are 3 URIs each for login and search and 3 are the same so I am trying to distinguish them using the HTTP parameter. And the transactions are not getting detected in live preview but get automatically discovered as transaction and not using the custom rule.
Kindly help









Community Manager

Hi @Roshita.Raveendran,


Thanks for your community post. I wanted to share this KB article with you. I think steps 3 and 4 might be the most helpful.


If you discover information that helps you with your question, please be sure to share that information back on this post. This helps build knowledge bank of answers in the community. 


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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Hi team,


My issue got resolved.

Business transaction detection with servlet and HTTP parameters does not work with POST requests.
I captured BT with post request by splitting transactions using request data.


Hope this helps