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Application monitoring doesn't capture EnterpriseDB JDBC calls

I configured appdynamics for monitoring my java app running on Payara server. My application talks to multiple databases, including Oracle, MySql, MS SqlServer and EDB (PostgreSQL).  The backend auto discovery feature picks up all JDBC calls except for EDB.  EDB is a custom version of PostgreSQL and we use EDB JDBC driver for application connection to the DB.

I don't see any calls to the EDB DB.


Is there anyway to modify the discovery to detect the JDBC calls to EDB DB?





Normally you could look in the Code, to see where in the Java Code the outbound Call is made and configure a custom backend, which would then show you the calls being made.


I have done a similar one, with a custom PostgresDB as well, and just found the class.method where the call is being made and configured the custom backend

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Thanks for your response.. Can you provide an example of how to configure custom backend?