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some bug in for AIX newest version( 22.6)

Hello, I want to notify that some bug in version 22.6 , on controller can get information of CPU, RAM,... from AIX server.  Maybe something Script is wrong( same in the below pictute " ksh run_co: not found")..


i fixed it by using 22.2 version for machine-agent... 



Community Manager

Noting that @Phuc.Duong Quang fixed the issue by using an older version of the Machine Agent: 22.2


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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AppDynamics Team

Hi @Phuc.Duong Quang 

We are aware of this and had a note in the 22.3.0 release notes to use Machine Agent 22.2.0 version for AIX. We are migrating the AIX scripts to FIPS compliancy and team is working to get that done. 

Asking our Docs team to add the note to use 22.2.0 for other version release notes as well AIX until then. 




so can i use 22.3.0 release now yet?

@Phuc.Duong Quang Pls use 22.2.0 for AIX until we update the release notes that new version can be used for AIX. Thank you.