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how to monitor server using Appdynamics?


Hello Folks,


I have an application that is generating 3 kind of log files

Transaction log
Server log
Fatal log
and I want to analyse the performance of my server using appdynamics so what kind of data my logs should be generating to generate analytics for server health, performance, throughput, server utilization?


Thank you



AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi @Sarah.Johan


AppDynamics treats log analytics and server (or infra) monitoring separately.


I would recommend that you watch the following videos and refer to the docs to understand how AppDynamics works.


Log analytics

Server Monitoring:

Application Performance Monitoring:

You can also check AppDynamics University and choose the right track that fits your needs.


Hope it helps.

AppDynamics Team

Hi Sarahjohn,


This will depend on which log file contains what data; For instance I would assume the Transaction log will contain info regarding your APM transaction bts but not sure what is specifically reported in the other two files.

So if you want to use log analytics to extract these log files you can do so and set monitoring on all these files by creating appropriate source rules and then can get all the info you require to be reported in Analytics.


Here is the doc link for more info on how to set log analytics up:


But if your requirement is only to get server health, performance, throughput, server utilization metrics, then the regular APM agent monitoring itself gives you these metrics. Take a look at the screenshot below


Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 2.40.10 PM.png



Do let me know in case it doesn't meet your requirement.


Thank you


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