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how to monitor Linux logs/events


Log files are a set of records that Linux maintains for the administrators to keep track of important events. Linux provides a centralized repository of log files that can be located under the  /var/log directory.

The log files generated in a Linux environment can typically be classified into four different categories:

  • Application Logs
  • Event Logs
  • Service Logs
  • System Logs

Our requirement to monitor those Linux logs either direct by machine/Server agent or Let me know if we have any Extension for same requirements.


Please suggest how to monitor Linux logs/events


Nawaz Ali.Mohammad
AppDynamics Team

Hello Harinder,


All the extensions which are supported by Appdynamics are listed on Appdynamics Exchange Page. You can take a look at them to see if any extension fits your requirement.

Below extension is available for monitoring logs on any platform


Please refer to below link which will give you more details on how to build your own custom extension.