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db-agent doesnt work


Hello AppDynamics Expert,

There is some issue with our AppDynamics DB Agent. It was working fine 2 weeks ago. I can confirm the network is okay for both the AppD controller and AWS database, and the credential of DB is good, too. But agent.log keeps repeating the below log :
[AD Thread-Metric Reporter1] 28 Apr 2021 07:36:05,475 INFO SystemAgentTransientEventChannel - Full certificate chain validation performed using default certificate file
[AD Thread-Metric Reporter1] 28 Apr 2021 07:36:05,498 ERROR MetricService - HTTP Request failed: HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error
[AD Thread-Metric Reporter1] 28 Apr 2021 07:36:05,499 WARN MetricService - Error sending metric data to controller:null
[AD Thread-Metric Reporter1] 28 Apr 2021 07:36:05,499 ERROR MetricService - Error sending metrics - will requeue for later transmission null
at ~[agent-shared-]

I see a lot of people have the same issue when I google the issue but no resolution yet. Do you have any idea?


Community Manager

Hello @SRE.DevNet,


After speaking to a co-worker it was suggested you reach out to support for this issue. You can reach them by going to


If you are able to learn anything from the chat with support, please come back and share that knowledge here. Peer to peer support and knowledge sharing are what drives the community.


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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Did you find a solution to this issue?  We are having the same problem and have been working with support for 5 days now trying to figure it out.