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Standalone database agent on multiple servers




We have a situation, we have database servers which are at different locations without any inter connectivity between them. We got 5 DB licenses. If we install default database agents on these servers then at a time only one DB agent is Active & others are going into passive mode. 


we need some help in either creating customized DB agent for each location or information about following exact steps to achieve monitoring of all these 5 servers.


Kindly Help with same


Cloud Support.


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Hi, You can have only one database agent which can monitor all your database on different location. You will need to configure it at AppDynamics collector level on all Databases.

Thank you Digvijay for your reply, but as I already mentioned, there is no connectivity between these locations. So you mean to say I just need 1 database agent & different Sub collector?

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Yes Correct, just one database agent and on AppDynamics you can have different collectors. But you will need to connect to each database server via a password which will be passed in Collector.

Thank you Digvijay for the guidance. Let us configure the same that way.