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Is it possible to store DB custom metrics data in analytics

Hi All,


I have a requirement to store the Db agent custom metrics data to analytics and apply ADQL on those data to query specific output. Is it possible at all and if yes then how?



Gopikrishnan R.



Was it possible?

Hey Yann,

I tried following. 

  1. Create a schema in Analytics using following steps in :
  2. Instead of DB agent custom metric we can use shell script to get the data from DB and post it to this schema created in step 1 and run this script via Command Watcher extension or cron job. (You can modify SQL monitor extension as well to send data to event service schema created in step 1.

Below is the data which I got into events service using a script which posts data to Jetmail schema which I created using step 1 above. 



Gopikrishnan R.





Fair enough, even if I think that this capability that the user is asking for can be immediately clarified by an expert user of AppDynamics or some other technical guys which have worked for years on the platform.

Personally I would never contact support over some "can do" or "cannot do" question

Best regards

Yes community Q&A forum is the place where such questions can be posted and we can get insights from AppDynamics experts.