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Extracting Flow View via API - Too Much or Too Little and looking for Just Right




I've been looking for a while to pull the Flow View of the application ecosystem/infrastructure via the API.  Viewing and interacting with the UI is incredibly powerful, but the ability to extract snapshots of the relationships is also highly useful.


I have been playing around with the backends and business-transactions queries by application id, but is there a way to get “in-between”?

By Application ID via API:

backends – Helpful, but not the full picture
applications – ??
business-transactions – Too detailed, i.e., shows transactions of parent application called but not parent itself

An example is a call center application making calls to a loyalty offer program in the AppD Flow View UI:

Via the API, you get all the business transactions tied to the loyalty offer program, but looking for a way to pull just the parent loyalty offer program.


Seems like there would be a way to pull the top-level “flow view” via API without coding cartwheels, but I am coming up empty.  




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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

That data is not available via any API.


You can extract flow map using, specifically as part of report. They are called Activity Grids in this context.


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