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Disk attached to VM not showing up in AppD.

New Poster

A new disk was attached to a windows server 2012. Restarted machine agent. Still the new disk not showing up in AppD under disks. Please assist. 


AppDynamics Team

Hello Justin,

By default, the machine agent has been configured to monitor 5 volumes. But this value is configurable.
Could you please take a look at the configuration of volumeMonitorConfig section in the $MACHINE_AGENT_HOME/extensions/ServerMonitoring/conf/ServerMonitoring.yml file? It must be looking like:

    # maxNumberVolumes specifies the maximum number of volumes that the
    # machine agent will monitor.
maxNumberVolumes          : 5

    # whitelistSelectorRegex specifies the regular expression used to whitelist reported volumes
    # by name. A volume with the name matching the regex will always be reported,
    # with respect to maxNumberVolumes
    whitelistSelectorRegex        : ""

This configuration means that the agent will show only 5 volumes by default which you see in your case. You can set a higher value to the maxNumberVolumes parameter and then restart the machine agent to see the configured no. of volumes in your machine.
PS: Please note that as mentioned under Volume Metrics section at latest doc 
There is no maximum value for maxNumberVolumes parameter in volumeMonitorConfig section in the $MACHINE_AGENT_HOME/extensions/ServerMonitoring/conf/ServerMonitoring.yml file.

You can set any value you want.



I hope this helps  



Rajesh Ganapavarapu