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Appdynamics monitoring for Siebel


I'm looking out for ways to monitor Siebel performance through appdynamics.

The problem is I'm not sure which agent to use monitor Siebel application and Siebel gateway servers.

Any help on this will be much appreciated.


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Abhishek,


As far as I know, AppDynamics cannot be used to monitor Siebel. See:


@Jean-Baptiste.Marzolf -- has there been any change to this in the last year?



Thank you Cody!!

is there any update to this statement.

Dear Ahmad

We are currently in a POC for monitoring some Java Business Service in Siebel. It works with a configuration for Dynamic Environments:

important is also the

setting because the jvms are start and stop dynamic:


If you want i can post a sample enterprise configuration next week.


Best regards


Hi Marc,


Could you please share the sample enterprise configuration.

we are using siebel CRM and Oracle HTTP server as backend. we have enabled AppD at OHS end but it is not showing the transaction. we may need to do something at Siebel part also. 


Could you please respond as soon as you can.



Ashok Bana

Dear Ashok

There is our AppDynamics configuration for the Siebel SBS:


create named subsystem "JAVAMX384qAppD" for subsystem "JVMSubSys" with DLL="D:\\APPL\\Siebel\\jdk\\jre\\bin\\server\\jvm.dll", CLASSPATH="D:\\APPL\\Siebel\\siebsrvr\\CLASSES\\Siebel.jar;D:\\APPL\\Siebel\\siebsrvr\\CLASSES\\SiebelJI_deu.jar;D:\\APPL\\Siebel\\siebsrvr\\CLASSES\\SiebelJI_enu.jar;D:\\APPL\\Siebel\\siebsrvr\\jms;D:\\APPL\\Siebel\\siebsrvr\\jms\\jms.jar;D:\\APPL\\Siebel\\siebsrvr\\jms\\jndi;D:\\APPL\\Siebel\\siebsrvr\\rules\\jbs.jar", VMOPTIONS="-Xrs -Xmx384M  -server\\APPL\\Siebel\\siebsrvr\\jms\\***TrustStore.jks***\\APPL\\Siebel\\siebsrvr\\jms\\client.jks***  -Dappdynamics.agent.applicationName=***_kt0 -Dappdynamics.agent.tierName=mtsjvm  -Dappdynamics.agent.reuse.nodeName=true -Dappdynamics.agent.reuse.nodeName.prefix=mtsjvm -Dappdynamics.agent.runtime.dir=D:\\Temp\\connect_appd\\ -Dappdynamics.agent.logs.dir=D:\\Temp\\connect_appd\\log\\ -Dappdynamics.controller.hostName=*** -Dappdynamics.agent.accountAccessKey=*** -Dappdynamics.controller.port=8181 -Dappdynamics.controller.ssl.enabled=true -javaagent:D:\\APPL\\AppDynamics\\AppServerAgent\\javaagent.jar"

We found a memory leak related to the process management of siebel. Also the "Shutting down AppDynamics Agent" and the mark as historical doesn't work. Probably because the siebel implementation of java via java.dll doesn't stop the process anf threads like a normal jvm. With the same configuration and a "normal jvm" we don't have that problem.

On the screenshots you can see some views from the Siebel JBS in AppDynamics.


Best regards




Hi Marc and Community,


Wondering if in 2022 anyone has more information on Siebel integration with AppDynamics. Most recent thread that I could find on this is from 2020, referring to this thread for further information.


This page from Oracle is meant to explain this setup, however without Oracle Support account I am unable to view. Anyone know of any documentation from AppDynamics for this integration?




Hi Boer,


I was not able to find anything either except for this Idea Exchange post:


Note: Idea Exchange can only be accessed by AppD customers who are under contract at this time.


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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Good day @Ryan.Paredez ,

This will bring us further in the right direction, thank you for sharing!


Kind regards,