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AppDynamic Database connecting to Power BI via an API to obtain real-time data for visualisations

New Member

Hi Forum Members,

I am new to the features of AppDynamics and I would like to enquire on the possibility to integrate Power BI with AppDynamics to visualize data on Power BI. Power BI has a feature called tooltip where users can obtain information on a data status by hovering over a particular node, in order to retrieve information from that particular status. Does AppDynamics have a similar feature to tooltip?  

Given that AppDynamics has dashboarding capabilities, are we able to create a dashboard that consist of color-changing status symbols (Red, Amber, Green) according to the data abnormalies detected instead of using Power BI? At the same time, does it provide a detailed changing dashboard pages where I can focus on the performance on a specific application upon clicking on a specific component (Database)?


AppDynamics Team

Hi Amanda,

Please share screenshot of what you mean by the information shown in PowerBI. Appdynamics also shows relevant information when you Hover over some entity. Please try for data and confirm what you are expecting to see and share some relevent screenshot.

AppD has a tool using which you can pull out information from AppD database

It's supported by Professional Services team if you need any support. You might have to contact AppD account manager.



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