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AppD shows Database Agent as Active yet not shown as a process on the server


I am attempting to upgrade the Database Agents because of the issue with Logs4J. In AppD I can see four servers that have the database agent installed and are listed as 'Active'.


I've connected to the first Windows server to stop the process, allowing me to upgrade and I can't see 'db-agent' listed as a running process. How do I find the process id on Windows to shut it down?


Community Manager

Hi @Richard.Bowen,


I found this AppD Docs page on the DB agent that talks about how to upgrade it. I did not see anything about the process ID, but please check out the sidebar on that page for the other Docs related to the DB agent.


Please let me know if this helps.




Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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I read all the documentation and it helped. I didn't install the database agents, so was having to find how they'd been configured. One was running as a Scheduled Task and the others were running as services. I started with the server using the scheduler and there didn't appear to be a matching spid. However, once I found it I was able to upgrade the agent to the latest version.