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Where can I find Appdynamics video tutorials beginner to advanced

New Poster

Hi Team, 

I am a beginner at AppDynamics.

Could you please provide the links for Appdynamics video tutorials for beginner to advanced to learning? I need Video tutorials to learn and explore AppDynamics.


Balaraju G


AppDynamics Team

Hi Balaraju, welcome to AppDynamics!

If you already have your AppDynamics login, you should be able to use it to log in to University at For self-paced learning, look for the Core APM Learning Plan in your Catalog. I think that will be the best place to start. 

- Allison 

New Poster

I already have an Appd account.

I redirected to but did not see any Core APM Learning Plan.

Could you please provide the link or screen shot how to redirect.

Try these steps:

  1. In your browser, navigate to:
  2. Click Sign In
  3. Follow the prompts to sign in with the email address you use with your AppDynamics account
  4. On the Dashboard, on the AppDynamics Catalog widget click Catalog

Under Learning Plans by Product you should "Core APM Learning Plan". If you have a Premium University Subscription, you will also see "Core APM Instructor-Led Training Learning Plan".

New Poster

Thanks for the update.

Please find the attachment --> under Mydashboard i am not able to see my Catalog.

Should i do activate anything more to go my Catalogcatelogoption_not available.JPG. Could you please help on this.

Hi Balaraju,

Please make sure you've completed all steps outlined here:

It seems from your screenshot that you do not have any University subscription with us. Do you have an account manager at your employer's company that might be able to check your email? I would also suggest you share your screenshot with our operations team by emailing: Thanks!

Thanks again for checking out AppD University Community! Leave feedback for us: