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What is the minimum duration of End User Response Time for EUM virtual page.


Could you please provide information as to what is the minimum time (End User Response Time) which is required by AppDynamic to show a Transaction on the EUM. 


I am using the EUM monitoring to instrument the virtual pages and sending the data using method. However, i see that only certain virtual pages are shown in the AppDynamics UI under User Experience -> Browser App Dashboard -> Browser Snapshot. Also, under User Experience -> Session


I am not sure if there is a minimum response time for the virtual pages which is filtering the virtual pages which are not reported in UI. Though the response time for those virtual pages is around 4s or more. Also, I have verified that the request is sent to the AppDynamics cloud by using the Developer Toolbar in the Browser. 


  1. Could you please confirm if there is a minimum value of Respnse time within which AppDynamics controller ignores the transactions.
  2. Are there any other reasons that transaction are not being reported in AppDynamic UI.

Please note that AppDynamics is set to "Development Mode" to record maximum amount of Data.




AppDynamics Team (Retired)

1. There is no minimum value of Response Time that acts as a threshold for display.

2. Is it possible that these virtual pages are not displaying because you've already hit the maximum number of base pages (including virtual pages) + iframes?


Your development mode setting has no impact on the EUM data collection and retention.



Brian Wheeldon

Brian Wheeldon, Solution Engineer, NYC

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Thanks Brian for your response.


The application that i am monitoring is a SPA and currently i can see that it has monitored 271 pages (Pages + Virtual Pages + Ajax + Iframes) since Adrum.js was added for monitoring. So, it doesn't seem to be reaching the upper limit of 500 pages. PFA screenshot. Could you please confirm any other configuration setting that can impact and result in this behavior.






i fixed my issue by Enabling the Event Service to capture the Ajax Requests which were not enabled by default.


Also, Anlayze option allows to see all the data in AppDynamics EUM.