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End User Monitoring (EUM)

Visually complete time is greater than page fully loaded time


Visually complete time is greater than page fully loaded time


I have a site monitor  running in AppD synthetics. I am confused as to how visually complete time is greater than page fully loaded time. Is it indicative of a slow desktop in the monitoring infrastructure? Thanks for any comments. 




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Visually complete time is greater than page fully loaded time
Community Manager

Hi @Jim.Soave,


Thanks for posting your question on the community. I found some details on our AppD Documentation.


Visually complete: The time when an end-user would determine that the page is visually complete in the viewport. This time is calculated by using the last visual change to the page and is in milliseconds. The page represents the viewable content (the viewport) in a browser window. The default size for a browser window is 1024 x 768.


Fully Loaded: The time from the start of the initial navigation until 2 seconds of no network activity has passed after Document Complete. This will usually include any activity that is triggered by JavaScript after the main page loads. The Fully Loaded Time is given in milliseconds and percentiles.


Let me know if this helps.


The full Doc can be found here:

Ryan, AppDynamics Community Manager

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Thanks, I have a business partner that posed the question "how can visually complete" be longer than page fully loaded. The documentation doesn't help explain it, I am unable to explain it.  I suspect that page was downloaded, network activity stopped but the the server running the page was unable to process the page due to a problem on the server.  Does that make sense? 

Jim Soave 


Hi Jim


Not sure if you have read this article yet:) But it give a guidance on why the visually complete time can be more


Visually Complete Time - The time when your first viewport looks visually complete (when the page looks visually complete in the first viewport). It is usually less than the load event or EURT time for a page.
EURT - Indicates when page loading is complete.
  • EURT - Load event time for base pages
  • EURT ! - Load event time for virtual pages
However, sometimes the first viewport can change even after load time depending on how the website is built. Based on that, the Visually Complete Time can be less or more than the load time. It is when the website in the first viewport looks visually full. 

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