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End User Monitoring (EUM)

To Track particular Thread and Session

Saravana Perumal.V
New Member

To Track particular Thread and Session

There is a load test in test enviornment. During the test I noticed certain business transactions took a lot of time.

For ex: In a 1 hour load test, there will be nearly 15K transactions and 10 transactions took more time.


I need to aanalize the flow of the problematic transactions. For ex: I have Thread id and Session id of one of the particular transaction. How do I track the flow using these details in AppDynamics?


Kindly help.


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To Track particular Thread and Session

If you have a baseline set and these slow transactions are beyond that threshold, then you should be able to see a call graph of the offending transactions. To do this, click on the "Applications" tab, and then click on the application with the slow response times. From there, on the left-hand side you can either expand out "Troubleshoot" and then click on errors and look for Transaction Snapshots with a "blue page icon", and double-click on it, and then drill down from there, or you can click on "Business Transacations", double-click on the transaction with the long times, and then click on "Slow transactions" or "Transaction Snapshots" and double-click on snapshots with the "blue page icon." If you go this last route, you should be able to double-click on a healthy one and a bad one to compare your call charts.


In the future, you can set a Policy to trigger when it goes beyond your baseline too, and get a direct deeplink to the offending transactions.

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