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Referral Traffic in EUM like Google Analytics




In Google Analytics there are some types of traffic like :

search traffic --> to know who visit the site through a web search 

referral traffic --> traffic that comes from someone clicking a link to your site from another site

direct traffic --> Traffic where the “referrer is unknown,” such as directly typing a URL into the navigation

campaigns -->  Traffic from an AD words campaign


Is it applicable in Appdynamics EUM? If so, how to make it?


Community Manager

Hi @Amr.Gamal,


Thanks for asking your question on Community! I found these AppD Docs resources you can check out.


If you learn anything from those, please do share that as a reply back to this thread. Knowledge sharing is what drives the community!


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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hi @Ryan.Paredez 

thanks a lot for your reply 


I've read the docs you sent and i found that : 


referral page URL  is stored and hashed in ADRUM Cookie  , but i did not mentioned how to use it or view it on APPDYNAMICS or on dashboards for example 


 I need to view the referral page for each request or per session to know which marketing campaign has the most impact so that users can visit my site through it.


Thanks a lot 

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