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Not getting data in AppDynamics for User Experience



We are using User Experience module but do not see anything reporting in AppD

We do have adrum key set propely in our web application and it was working fine 4 months ago so not sure if something changed in AppD recently 

Is there any agent logs etc I can check to figure out the problem?


Hi there,


Can you try disabling and enabling auto-injection check box  as given in the below steps




To use automatic injection, your Browser RUM app must be created using the same application name as your server-side application.

Access the Automatic Injection Configuration Panel

  1. Open the EUM application in which you are interested.
  2. From the left navigation bar, select Configuration.
  3. Click the Web Javascript Instrumentation tab.
  4. Scroll down to the Advanced panel and expand it.
  5. Expand Advanced Instrumentation of your HTML Pages if it is closed.
  6. Click the Automatic JavaScript Injection tab.

Enable Automatic Injection

  1. In the Automatic JavaScript Injection tab, check or clear Enable Automatic Injection of JavaScript.
  2. If you enabled automatic injection click OK to confirm your action.



Mohammed Rayan

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