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Mobile EUM for KONY Hybrid Platform




We have A hybrid platform for mobile application called "KONY", & we have to apply the Mobile EUM on the mobile applications that is built by KONY Platform. Unfortunately, we didn't find the KONY Platform in the available AppDynamics supported platforms.


Is the KONY Platform is supported by AppDynamics?

If yes, we have to know the proper way to instrument our mobile app that is built by KONY Platform.


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hello @Ahmed.Zarad ,


We currently do not support Kony Framework. Our currently supported Frameworks are iOS, Android, Xamarin, React Native, Cordova (EOL Dec 22) and Flutter ( currently in Beta).  We do review new framework on a periodic basis (~6 months) and will make announcement on our docs page if we add it to our supported agents framework.





Aboubacar Traore



Appreciate to check this 

& advise if it can help in doing a work around solution till the KONY platform become supported by AppDynamics 

AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi @Ahmed.Zarad ,


Can you clarify the ask?




Aboubacar Traore


the link that I shared in my previous comment was of a question for the same issue, & there's a one who replied saying there's a method to apply the eum on kony platform.. but he shared a link that isn't accessible 

Community Manager

Hi @Ahmed.Zarad,

I finally got in touch with a few people and the information in those links is no longer available. @Aboubacar.Traore is an AppD Product Manager and would refer to what he said above.


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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