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Eum Connectivity Issue


We have an appdynamics UAT deployment where EC,Controller,Es On the Same Server and EUM On the Different Server.
All the systems are in a restricted enviornment. There is no internet connectivity in the servers. configuring the EUM application shows one error that "This Browser cannot reach AppDynamics EUM Services service eum.hostname" what can be the reason for this?
If its the internet connectivity how can we overcome this?
can we place the Js Files (adrum-[version].js,adrum-ext.[version].js,adrum-xd.[version].js) On The same webserver where the application is Hosted.


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi @Manu.Jose


Thanks for posting the question in the AppDynamics Community.


The connectivity issue you are facing seems to be related to your firewall. Please check if the connection between the client browser and EUM server is blocked by the firewall.


About the adrum files, the doc says as follows:

"The JavaScript Agent consists of the three files adrum.jsadrum-ext.js, and adrum-xd.html. The first file is inserted into the page when it is downloaded from your web application. The second and third files are loaded asynchronously by the first. By default, adrum-ext.js, and adrum-xd.html are fetched the highly available Amazon CloudFront CDN infrastructure..." see JavaScript Agent Hosting Options. For more details on instrumentation, see Manual Injection of the JS Agent.


Hope it helps. Don't hesitate to update the thread if you are still having a problem.