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Error While accessing EUM Dashboard


We have an On-premise controller configured to access EUM server on the cloud. 

Following exception is thrown while the Bowser Application Dashboard is accessed

Failed to connect to the AppDynamics Platform Events Service: Could not execute request to


I have verified that

None of the data widgets get populated and the above messaged is displayed on the "End User Response Time Distribution" widget.




AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi Numaan,


Regarding this issue faced by you, as none of the EUM widgets have data here, could you please make sure if there is an active load on the application. Please share with us the HAR file from chrome browser while accessing the application to verify the same.


Now regarding the analytics related error message seen on the dashboard, we need to verify the analytics related properies values inside Controller's admin.jsp. Hence kindly share with us following in a support ticket:

1) Login to admin.jsp

2) Goto Controller Settings

3) Apply filter as "event","eum","analytics" and take screenshot for the result set one by one  and share with us to verify the property values.


Let us know for any queries on this.

Hi Deepanshu, 

Thanks for the quick response. 

Please find attached the HAR file along with screen shots of properties from the admin console.



Hi All,

I got same problem?

Do you have the solution right now ?


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

HI GUys,


This issue mostly because of the communication issue between the controller and events service. The controller is failing to connect to the events service. Maybe because of cert  or because of firewall/proxy rules. You should look for the detailed error in Controller/logs/server.log. 



Gaurav Soni

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