End User Monitoring (EUM)

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Difference between APM and EUM


Difference between APM and EUM

Wanted to get the high level difference between APM vs EUM.

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Difference between APM and EUM
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Re: Difference between APM and EUM

Hi @Dipen.Chovatiya,


Not sure if you found these pages on our website, but these should give you a good understanding of the differences.



Ryan, AppDynamics Community Manager

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Re: Difference between APM and EUM

Ryan's documents should explain the difference, but if you want the hip pocket class broken down shotgun style, then the biggest difference is what they do.


APM = Application Performance Monitoring, which is where the agents are reporting in on what your application is doing internally (calls it's making, length of those calls, application endpoints, load times, classes and methods used, how much memory it's using on your servers, etc.)

EUM = End User Monitoring, which is what your application does from an End User's perspective (tracking how long it took your web page to load, what happens when they click on a certain button, response times, heartbeat checks, and google analytics type information like browsers used, geo location, IP addresses, and OS)

Re: Difference between APM and EUM

Hi Ryan,


The links were very useful!